Samantar Season 2 Mx Player Star Cast, Release Date, All Details


The release of Samantar Season 2 Mx Player Star Cast is being awaited a lot by the viewers and the reason is also similar. Because Samntar Season 1 was released on the platform of MX Player on 13 March 2020 and it won the hearts of all the viewers. Kumar Mahajan played this role in this Web series by popular film actor Swapnil Joshi and Tejaswini Pandit.

In which it was shown that the past tense of a person is his own future, which if seen, looks like a pitcher in a way. Tejaswini Pandit and Nitish Bharadwaj were also seen in this show along with Swapnil Joshi. The story of this web series was very much liked by the audience and it is awaiting the release of Season 2 as soon as possible…

If you also want to get all the information about Samntar Season 2 Mx Player Series Free Download, then definitely read this article of ours till the end. We are going to inform you about the cast, release date, storyline, the plot in Samantar Season 2 Mx Player Star Cast and Samantar Season 1 Mx Player.

Samantar Season 2
Samantar Season 2

The First Part of The Samantar Season 1 Detiles:

watch Samantar Season 1 had nine episodes in total. The list of these is below:

  1. Identical stranger
  2. Mishap
  3. Switch
  4. Blue Moon Cottage
  5. The finding
  6. Sudarshan Chakrapani
  7. Previous life crisis
  8. The diaries
  9. Twist

Samantar Season 2 Download Details:

  • Series Name: Samantar Season 2
  • Genre: Mystery Drama ,Thriller
  • Date of Release: 11 June 2021
  • Director: Satish Rajwade
  • Producer: MX Player
  • Writers: Suhas Shirwalkar’s
  • Music: N/A
  • Language: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu
  • I.M.D.B: 7.8/10
  • Budget: N/A

Samantar Season 2 Star Cast:

  • Swapnil Joshi as Kumar Mahajan
  • Tejaswini Pandit as Nima Mahajan
  • Nitish Bharadwaj as Sudarshan Chakrapani
  • Ganesh Revdekar as Sharad Wafgaonkar
  • Jayant Sawarkar as Swami
  • Nitin Bodhare as Hanmya
  • Amrut Gaikwad as Sanju , Kumar’s Son

Samantar Season 1 Story Line:

Samantar Season 2 Mx Player Srtory. Our story begins where Kumar Mahajan- a lower middle class 33 yrs. old man is struggling to make his ends meet. He is finding it difficult to take care of his wife & to fulfill his son’s demands. Frustrated, under his friend- Sharad’s influence he decides to know his future by visiting an astrologer. Tragedy strikes when he comes to know that the astrologer had read a similar hand few years ago. The astrologer is irate as he doesn’t share any further details on his life or future. Neither has he read the earlier man- Chakrapani’s future nor will he read Kumar’s as they both are cruel & twisted men. This doesn’t go down well with Kumar who in turn aggressively argues with the astrologer and leaves his house challenging him that one day he will meet Sudarshan Chakrapani to know his present and future. Kumar is hopeful to know what will happen in his life next in order for him to control his life and to know so, he decides to track down Sudarshan Chakrapani. Soon a nerve wracking journey unfolds where Kumar begins his search to find all the leads connected to Chakrapani. After few turn of events he finally manages to meet Sudarshan Chakrapani.

The man is amazed to meet someone who has witnessed and experienced a same mirrored life as him. Their childhood scars, their tragedies in life, their pain and agony are a perfect match. After reaffirming all the incidents Sudarshan Chakrapani gives Kumar a set of diaries. He has written every single day of his life in each of the diaries but he decides to share them with Kumar only on one condition. The condition being- Kumar Mahajan should read only one page a day at a time to know about his future. Kumar agrees and takes the diaries along with him. He thinks now he is at the top of the world as he has something that he always wanted, his destiny is in his own hands. But life has a different plan chalked out for Kumar- soon he comes to know that another woman is about to enter his life. Will Kumar be able to get what he wants or will Kumar be able to defy all odds kept along his way is the overall story of the season1 of Samantar.

Samantar 2 Official Teaser Swwapnil Joshi, Nitish Bharadwaj, MX Original Series

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